Are Key Drop Lock Boxes A Safe Option For Homes?

Key Drop Lock Box in Beverly Hills

For business owners or managers of other organizations that need a convenient 24/hour drop off option for checks or other sensitive materials, a keydrop lock box is a good option. Keydrop lock boxes provide a method to drop off materials in a secure location, even when you’re not around to accept the delivery. Home users may also find these boxes to be a good option, particularly homeowners with a home office.

A keydrop box is essentially a lockable box with a slot on top to allow people to drop checks or other small items through to a secure area below. These lock boxes can often be built directly into home or business doors, with the lock allowing access to the box being on the inside of the door. This configuration can help make access to the box more secure, as potential thieves will not have access to the lock from outside the door.

With a keydrop box, you don’t have to have an employee manning the front desk 24/7 to take checks, keys or other items. Keydrop boxes are used by a variety of businesses and other organizations, including:

  • Landlords. For convenient, round-the-clock drop off of rent checks from tenants.
  • Libraries. Public libraries often use a keydrop box to accept returns of checked out books after library hours.
  • Car rental businesses. A keydrop box allows car rental customers to simply drop off their rented vehicle after hours and place the keys in the box. Rental service staff will take care of the necessary paperwork the next business day.
  • Hotels. Hotels may use keydrop boxes to allow guests to drop off room keys.

If you run a business from your home, or if you just want a convenient way for family members to drop off keys or other items, a keydrop lock box can be an excellent option. To prevent use of the box from compromising your home security, a few precautions may be necessary. The following tips may help you more securely enjoy the benefits of using keydrop lock boxes.

  • Find a strong model. Remember, your box is only as secure as the material it is made out of is strong. Boxes made of thin, flimsy materials are easy for thieves and vandals to pry open or cut into.
  • Be sure to lock the box. If the lock to your box is accessible by the public, be sure to always lock it to avoid having the contents of your box pilfered.
  • Think hard about the items you will accept in your box. You should avoid accepting cash in your box, as this makes the box a tempting target for thieves. Insist on checks, if you can.
  • Secure your keys. To avoid theft, make sure you know where all copies of keys for your box are located and avoid making unnecessary copies.

You can find high quality keydrop lock boxes at your local locksmith. A Qualified Locksmith can also help you with installation or any other issues you may have with your drop box.

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