Can You Use Technology To Lock Your House With A Phone?

Lock Your House  With A Phone in Beverly Hills

One of the biggest concerns some people go through on their way to work every morning is the question: “Did I lock my door?” “Did my kids lock the door?” or some variation of this theme.

 Fortunately, technology has found a way to come to our rescue and you can now lock your house with phone technology, even when your are on the other side of town, or overseas on holidays.

How To Lock Your Door Remotely

With a special attachment fitted on your door locks, a smartphone and an internet connection (and a small fee of course), you can now not only lock your doors, but you can also control many household functions, such as turning your lights or thermostat on or off. Being able to lock your house with phone technology would have been considered impossible ten or more years ago, yet now you can simply unlock your door remotely using your smartphone, your PC or tablet.

Although these technologies are still in their infancy, they have become simpler and more affordable with each new model.

You Have Two Options To Choose From

The technology to unlock your doors remotely has developed in two ways; the first is to network your house so that you can remotely control several household operations simultaneously. The second is simply a locking mechanism fitted on your door that you use to remotely lock and unlock your door via your smartphone. If you are undecided on which option is best suited for you, it is always a good idea to get the advice of your Local Locksmith in Sacramento. He is the best qualified person when it comes to knowing the pros and cons of each system and he will help you make the right choice for you.

1. Network Your House

An automated home has been in the cards for a few decades now, and we finally have the technology to make it accessible to everyone. Many networks are currently being developed and utilized to network and access your home remotely, and now you can even access many of your household appliances like your thermostat, your lights and even your kettle. This is even from miles away.

Depending on the system you select, you will need a wireless keypad lock, a wireless bridge, a light module, an internet cable, batteries and high speed wi-fi,or wired internet access.

For a small fee a service provider will provide you with a secure website to create an account and to register your wireless lock. Once your account has been set up. you will be able to access your home from anywhere via your smartphone.

2. The Smartphone Door Lock

Another innovation is to have a lock installed on your door allowing you to lock or unlock it remotely using your smartphone. With this system, you only add a special lock to your door and then you sync it with your smartphone (via Bluetooth for example) which you can then control remotely.

The latest generation of locks can easily be attached to current door locks which can then be accessed with any smartphone. You can also text a special access code to another cell phone (a spouse, child or neighbour perhaps) so that they can also open your door if need be.

These locks are becoming simpler, cheaper, and more accessible with each new model. Some are so simple, that even if you are renting, you can install them and then remove them when you leave.

In this world of high stress, being able to lock your house with phone technology is one less thing to worry about. You can now relax knowing that your doors are always locked and that your home is safe.

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