New Security Measures For Restaurants And Retail

Security Measures in Beverly Hills

Restaurants and retail facilities are vulnerable to burglary and robbery, and the prudent business owner will take steps to secure his or her business interests from malicious actors. There are a variety of steps business owners can take to keep their restaurants and stores safe from break-ins, robberies and internal theft, including security technology and smart security practices and policies.

The vast majority of losses for stores and eateries comes from internal theft by employees, but external threats such as robberies and burglaries are also a problem.

Your facility’s locks are its first line of defense against burglary and other property crimes. In most cases, the doors to your facility need to be equipped with deadbolt locks that your managers can lock and unlock with a key. Keyless security locks that are accessed from a keypad are also helpful for many stores and eateries.

Making sure all the windows to your facility are secure is also important, including any skylights that may be present.

Equipping your facility with proper security alarms is also important. Your security alarm should be of recent design, and you should be sure that it is user-friendly for your management team. Having a monitored alarm can also help increase the effectiveness of your alarm system, and reduce costs that false alarms may pose.

The number of employees that know the code to your alarm system should be limited, as many retail burglaries are perpetrated by thieves who are working in conjunction with disgruntled employees. Safety can be further enhanced by changing the alarm code a few times each year.

Cash handling is a key point of vulnerability for many restaurants and retail businesses. Keeping cash counting in private areas of the business, having regular bank deposits and taking precautions to safely execute bank deposits can limit your vulnerability in this area.

Your restaurant’s freezer or cooler can serve as a safe room in the event of a robbery and should be equipped with a device that allows it to be locked and unlocked from the inside as well as a communication device that allows communication with law enforcement and restaurant owners.

Equipping your business with outdoor lighting and video monitoring equipment is also helpful to deterring burglary and theft and creating a safe environment for your employees and patrons. Also be sure that any landscaping or shrubbery is cut low enough not to afford cover to burglars or muggers.

With regard to internal security threats, such as employee theft or theft by patrons, establishing written anti-theft and conduct policies, including a prosecution policy for people caught stealing from your business, as well as limiting access to sensitive parts of your operation (registers, safes, discount and record keeping software) can mitigate this risk.

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