Securing your Car’s Wheels

Securing your Car’s Wheels in Beverly Hills

Once again, the theft of car wheels is growing at an alarming rate. They are incredibly expensive, and there is nothing more frustrating than finding your car resting on cinder blocks when you need to drive somewhere. There are a variety of solutions that Our Locksmiths can show you that will help prevent this from happening to you, as well as other simple security precautions that you can use to deter thieves.

Why do Thieves target Car Wheels?

Car wheels are seldom, if ever, traceable. Although stealing them is not as lucrative as taking the car, it is extremely easy to remove them quickly and there are rarely tracking devices on them. Thieves use street hawkers and online marketplaces to sell stolen wheels – and people ironically tend to replace their missing wheels from these exact places. There is less risk involved for the thief, and no shortage of clients in need of their goods.

How are Car Wheels Removed?

Car wheels can be stolen within minutes. There are usually groups of thieves working together, utilizing cordless power tools. They use a jack to lift the car, simply remove the lug nuts and then take the wheel off. This can be accomplished in a single minute, perhaps two, by those who have practiced only a few times.

Where do Car Wheel Thefts Occur?

Thieves target cars parked in quiet areas; such as suburban roads when residents are asleep. They also target parking lots left unattended and even cars in peoples’ personal driveways. Organized syndicates take higher risks, plus there are now increasing cases where heavy chain-link fencing has been cut for access into private parking facilities and car dealerships.

Preventative Safety Precautions

Unfortunately, a truly determined thief will take your wheels if they desire. This does not mean that you are unable to protect yourself, because there are ways to deter them. By implementing a few habits into your parking routine and acquiring some useful security products, you can dramatically reduce the chances of becoming a victim. These simple solutions work well individually; but when used in conjunction with each other, your car wheels will still be there in the morning:

  • Park your vehicle in a garage wherever possible.

  • Turn your wheels at a sharp angle when parking. It makes removing them slightly less easy.

  • Park in well-lit areas that you can see clearly from a window.

  • Choose parking lots where there is security in attendance.

  • Make use of parking places where there are numerous other cars.

  • Install cameras that face the road and your driveway.
  • Conceal wireless alarms inside or near your wheels.These will make a raucous noise if anyone moves them while they are activated.

  • The safest preventative measure is utilizing car wheel locks. Locking lug nuts requires a special key to unlock them. Large tire locks are also effective, and similar to those used to clamp wheels. Although car wheel locks can be broken with a great amount of effort, it will take a much longer time to get them off the car, and will involve a great deal of exceptionally loud banging that will make anyone suspicious.

It is so easy for criminals to steal car wheels and difficult to prevent them from doing so. Alarms do not work on their own because people set them off accidentally far too often. When an alarm goes off, people tend to ignore it and many may not even hear them anymore. However, taking various steps together will go a long way in ensuring you do not become a victim of this crime – and using car wheel locks is the greatest deterrent for any would-be thief.

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