Tamper Proof Commercial Locks

Commercial Locks in Beverly Hills

Just like an individual’s house, commercial businesses must be able to protect their space. The entry points to a business must have locks that are strong enough to remain impenetrable and inaccessible to even the savviest criminal. Businesses that have merchandise and products in their spaces must have tamper proof locks. To not have special business keys is to risk your investment. Stay one step ahead of potential burglars by having the strongest commercial locks installed.


The strongest materials for doors include steel and fiberglass. Wood is not recommended since it can be more easily broken by force and impacted by moisture, the weather, and environmental changes. In terms of locks, steel, brass, and bronze continue to be the most popular metals used. The material of the lock is important to ensuring the overall security of the door and ultimately your business.

Basic Keys and Locks

Locksmiths in Sacramento are able to cut keys for the average lock for a reasonable price. The machinery that they use enables them to make hundreds of variations of grooves that are like blueprints to the lock. The problem with standard business keys is that they can be easily duplicated. Cleaning service staff, landlords, repairmen, and other professionals may be able to obtain a copy of your key. They can then take it, just as you can, to a locksmith or place of business that makes keys, and duplicate it to gain entry. In order to ensure that your lock is truly tamper proof, more security measures are needed.

Tamper Proof Lock Features

One feature that makes a lock tamper proof is a long deadbolt with a rolling pin. A lock can be picked or manipulated so that it opens. A long deadbolt ensures that a burglar could not saw or cut the lock, since it goes completely across the door. Extra long screws are used to hold the deadbolt firmly in place. The rolling pin system allows you to push the deadbolt over and up, so that even if a strong amount of physical force pushed on the door, it would remain impenetrable without the business keys.

In addition, a business can use a series of lock systems that fool any burglar attempting to gain entry. Every lock has a passing position and a blocking position. Expert criminals are able to determine if a lock enters into a passing point, which would then allow them to open it. Some tamper proof locks can trick criminals by acting as if a passing point is a blocked point. Even the most seasoned lock pickers will not be able to breach such tamper proof locks.

Consumers rarely think about it, but businesses require extra strength doors and locks to protect their commercial spaces. With the best security measures, liability is reduced to a minimum so that businesses can have the peace of mind in knowing that their goods, products, services and the overall space is protected when nobody is there. Criminals may be getting smarter, but with tamper proof locks, industries are gaining the advantage by offering top quality security measures.

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